Loft Conversions in Chester

In the world today house prices are continually escalating and not everybody can find the cash to move house when the need arises. The actual cost relocating should be added to the buying price of the new home plus all of the added extras when determining the overall outlay involved. But moving isn’t the only option open to you if you find that your family is getting too big for your present property.

You might extend your property to make extra space but even this may be expensive and may depend on whether or not you can get planning permission. Another option is to do a garage conversion, which is cheaper but will depend on you actually having a garage and not needing to use it. The last solution is a loft conversion, which could not only be affordable, but may also add to the value to your home without extending its footprint.

Loft conversion has become extremely popular in Chester in the 21st century, mainly for some of the reasons given previously. Prior to going along this route, you need to be sure that your house is in fact suited to a loft conversion.  Homes which have got trussed roofs aren’t normally suitable. The perfect houses for having loft conversions are older houses, in particular those built before the 1970’s.

You need to contact a Chester builder to evaluate the situation with your particular loft space and make certain it is suitable. If your builder gives the nod for a loft conversion you can get him to give you a quotation. Don’t just go along with the initial quotation you receive though, get a variety of estimates before deciding on your loft specialist. You shouldn’t decide solely on cost, try to use your instinct when picking the ideal tradesman for the project.

Most loft conversions carried out in Chester do not need planning permission, so there is a pretty good chance that yours will not either. To determine if planning permission is required, get hold of your local authority planning office.

Whilst for Chester house owners, a loft conversion might be a sensible choice, it requires a significant financial investment. If you don’t actually have the money you can always obtain a loan, which is often not too difficult as the chances are that your conversion will add substantially to the market value of your property.

Your property’s style and design is what influences what sort of conversion is the best for you. The various types of loft conversion comprise: roof lift loft conversions, hip-to-gable conversions, loft pods, mansard loft conversions, velux conversions, dormer loft conversions and roof light loft conversions. Your loft specialist or builder will explain to you what type will be most appropriate for your home.

You will find that there are lots of uses to which your loft conversion can be put, as soon as it’s completed. Some turn it into a new family bathroom, an additional bedroom or a utility room.

Loft Conversions